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College Music
Audition Consulting

Are you a high school student planning to study music or musical theater in college? Colleges are becoming more and more competitive each year and it is important that students are  prepared. Depending on the school and track, some colleges will accept as few as 10 new students a year. Furthermore, it is a good idea to start thinking about what type of school and program you are looking for as early as your freshman or sophomore year of high school. As a college music audition consultant, I will assist students and parents as they navigate the process from the applications to auditions.

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Application Strategy

An overview of the application and audition process.

Having a guide to assist with this and develop a timeline will help deliver a confident and successful audition. 

Application Assistance

Assisting to highlight strengths and individual qualities so that the student can stand out amongst other applicants. 

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Career Counseling

Providing direction so that the student can choose the best career path. There are several employment opportunities in the music industry and it is important to align your goals to choose the right path for you. 

Interview & Audition

Opportunities to refine your skills in both performing and interviewing with an experienced adjudicator and college professor. 

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Parent Counseling and Support

Assistance in helping guide parents to provide support through the process of a future music or musical theater major.

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